Your table’s waiting. Your food’s ready. Your order has been paid.

The RestaurantOne App is a mobile app found on the Google Play and Appstore. It is completely free to users, allowing them to find restaurants and reserve, order, and pay ahead of time so any waiting can be erased. The RestaurantOne family is exclusive to sit-down restaurants and is currently expanding. To join our family visit the contact us tab, it is a free service to restaurants but they have to pay for their own tablets to host our app.

Map Feature

Our app includes a map feature that allows users to find nearby restaurants. Additionally this feature shows the rating, reservation wait time, and type of restaurant underneath the restaurant name in smaller font. Or you could search up the restaurant you wish to go to.

Reservation Feature

Our app includes a reservation feature which appears once you choose a restaurant. It shows you the different times available and more information about the restaurant such as its pricing, amount of reviews, menu, and more. Once you select a time a layout of the restaurant will be given and you can choose which ever seat you wish to sit at.

Order Feature

Our app includes an order feature which appears along after the reserve feature. The order feature takes you to an interactive menu in which you can search for the food you wish to order.

Pay Feature

Our app includes a pay feature which appears after the order feature. If this is your first time using the app it will ask you to connect your PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay so that you can pay ahead. However, if you already connected you account then all you have to do is press the order button.

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